Traditional, historical and fictional music.

About Us

The musicians

Kevin Boor (England/Ireland) - Singer/Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist

Hannah Skrinar (Wales/Slovakia) - Accordion, Whistle, Flute, Backing Vocal

Roberto Rosignoli (Italy) - Bass

Tim Welch (England) - Piano/Keyboard, Ukelele, Horns

Guy Blitgen (Luxembourg) - Bodhran

Roger Yerburgh (USA) - Guitar, Backing Vocal

Our history

The band formed originally in 2012 under the name Reluctant Dragon and grew organically into its current 6 piece format. 

In August 2017 the band chose a new name, The Chaunters, to reflect its home grown style and the folk genre it has grown so comfortable in.

Our sound

The Chaunters are heavily influenced by folk music from around the British Isles and Ireland. The lead singer, Kevin Boor, is of Anglo-Irish descent and this mix is present in both his voice and the songs the band create and perform. 

That said, the band comprises members from Luxembourg, the U.K., Italy and the U.S.A. and each member brings their unique ancestral influences, creativity and perspective to the sound. 

The Chaunters play music that is both traditional and original. A music video and their latest release can be found on the 'Music and Video' menu.

Contact Us

Even better, come meet us at a gig!

We appreciate our audience before almost anything else. 

Dudelange, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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